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The story of human evolution is as old as this globe.

As an old saying goes,

Rome was not built in a day

Likewise, the elaboration of human beings and their lifestyle did not happen in a day.

Humans gradually continued to try to enhance themselves day by day. And there is no doubt that we also struggled a lot during this voyage.

Early Human Beings

Science has also confirmed that human beings were monkeys earlier.

By evolving, today’s human beings have become so powerful that now they want to regulate not only animals but also this universe.

Today’s mortal beings want to control nature, the very nature that provided early humans with all the basic facilities to survive.

Friends, do you know why there was a need for so much evolution, and how was such evolution possible?

As we all know that human beings in early phase were just like monkeys.

They had only two major tasks to perform all day long.

Animals would sleep wherever they found shelter and would wander around in search of food all day.

Birds would also make nests and fly around all day in search of food and water.

Similarly, humans also had only these two major activities: finding food and water, filling their stomachs, quenching their thirst and sleeping.

Human Evolution In Daily Life

Human Evolution -Story of Finding The Roof

Then came a time when the physical need encouraged man to go out of the mountains and live in the open because it often became hot on the cliffs.

Time passed, and he had to think of something else to save himself from the rain and unwanted sunlight while living in the open.

Perhaps the person who invented the roof would have been praised the most at that time, and he would have been declared the greatest inventor or architect of that time.

As told earlier, this invention would not only have saved the man of that time from unwanted sunlight but would also have provided him relief from heavy rain and hail.

Well, the need increased, and this man, to further develop the roof made from leaves and bushes, made a roof using soil.

WIth passing time, humans started constructing beautiful houses.

The man who came out of the caves of the mountains is living in 100-storey buildings today, which surprise and delight people with their architecture.

Today, man has succeeded in developing skyscrapers.

And the biggest reason for this development is need.

Due to this need, we humans have made many more developments in our way of living.

Human Evolution of Clothing

Earlier, when humans lived in forests and mountains, they lived naked like animals.

Then, gradually, humans started covering their bodies with the leaves of trees.

But there was a problem with wearing these leaves. They used to dry quickly and then prick the body like thorns.

Then, humans started using animal skins as clothes. Now, their problem was that animals were only available in some places and not all the time, so humans also found a solution to this.

The man striving for development found cotton plants in the vegetation. And he started cultivating them.

With the help of this cotton, he started covering his body.

Time has passed, and today, thousands of varieties of clothes are available on the market.

Therefore, we can say that today’s man is the creator of these clothes, although he started from the naked state.

Our hunger for more was not satiated here.

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Human Evolution of Cuisines

In the olden days, our diet consisted of fruits, flowers, etc.

And there was a problem with this, too. Fruits and flowers grew according to the season and were available according to their time.

To overcome this, man started hunting animals and eating them.

After killing the animal, its raw meat became the source of his food.

And see where this caravan reached today. Not only a few thousand but millions of dishes suitable for human consumption are available in the world.

Human Evolution of Transportation

Similarly, in those days, people had to travel from one place to another on foot, sometimes in search of food and sometimes to find a source of water.

This need once again gave a reason to man to turn towards development.

Whatever animal could be used as a ride, the man started using it as his ride, whether it was a bull, a camel or a horse.

In this way, the bicycle was gradually invented, followed by the car, the train, and today, even aeroplanes that travel faster than the speed of sound is a mode of transport for humans.

If we remember those days, we should not forget that earlier, we used to walk on foot.

Human Evolution of Language

The man had only gestures to express his emotions. From then till today, man’s gestures have been the same; there has been no change in them.

More importantly, these gestures do not change even with a change in language, colour, appearance, or religion.

Earlier also, the gesture of not accepting anything was to turn the head left and right, which is the same even today, and it is the same in every language and country.

The gesture of being thirsty or hungry was the same earlier as it is today.

And if you see, friends, man knew only two spoken languages.

And these languages ​​were a natural gift to him: laughing and crying.

Whoever it may be, from any community, religion or country, today’s modern person, or from the times of our ancestors, the way of laughing and crying has not changed.

We can easily tell by looking at a child, an older adult or a young person whether he is crying or smiling.

But then, with time, humans started facing a problem here, too.

There were many emotions to express, and gestures were limited.

It gave birth to the invention of languages. And thus the alphabets were created.

As a result, today, thousands of languages ​​are written and spoken all over the world whose originator is man.

Human Evolution of Weapons And Writing

Friends, as the man kept on developing, the dangers for a man kept on increasing.

Earlier, whenever a man fought with someone, at the most, he would bite the person or scratch his body with nails.

But the problem was that man’s nails and teeth were not so strong that they could be used as weapons.

The reason that people of those days were very scared of wild animals was because the nails and teeth of animals’ paws were more pointed, sharp, and strong than those of humans.

Then, unhurriedly, a wooden stick came into the man’s hand. Time passed, and iron-pointed nails started being fitted on the front of the same stick, which was named a spear.

This development also continued, guns came, they were replaced by cannons and tanks replaced cannons.

The development was such that today’s man has invented the atomic bomb.

The more the danger for humans increased, the more dangerous killers were invented.

If we look at this area, it all started with nails and biting.

As we progressed towards development, the desire to tell our future generations about our achievements and history increased in humans.

And the struggle to write began.

Writing began on stones, evidence of which can be found in many places even today.

Be it the temples of Khajuraho or the rocks of mountains far away from the human population.

Humans started their journey of writing with special kinds of leaves, and today, many different types of papers are being used.

Final Thoughts on Human Evolution

Now, friends, what was the reason for discussing all this with you?

In my opinion, whatever development has happened in the world, from our ancestors to us, whatever aspect of life we ​​have developed, it has been done because of need.

Let this need be of hunger or thirst or even to move ahead and become better.

Fulfilling one’s needs becomes the first responsibility of every profession.

Someone becomes a doctor, someone an engineer, someone a businessman, someone a farmer, and someone is a daily wage earner, but everyone’s first intention is to fulfil their needs.

In short, all this development is of hunger and thirst, of materials, of needs.

Whatever development man has done externally, the basic foundation of all of them is hunger and thirst, friends.

All the progress that man has made is due to need.

As long as hunger and thirst keep troubling man, progress will continue.

What are your thoughts on this?

Should this hunger and thirst continue to increase, or does man need to take some measures to control this as well?


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