The Power Tool of Our Lives : Patience

It is undeniable that we have ups and downs in our lives.

Some antonyms like profit-loss, meet-separation, and win-loss run parallel in everyone’s life.

It is our nature to feel pleased whenever we succeed or get some profit out of something. Everything is in favour during such situations.

On the other hand, failure and loss bring heartache and demotivate the individual. The discomfort during this type of event is excruciating.

Periodically, during this life’s journey, we encounter cases that are very tough to handle. The key to these specific kinds of problems seems impossible.


Friends, we all know that our life is full of riddles.

Every single day, we face fresh challenges. We try to fix problems every morning as soon as we wake up.

There is nobody who does not have issues in their life. And almost everyone tries their best to find a solution to these so-called issues.

Few get a solution, and fewer are blessed enough to eradicate them from their lives.

But the bottom line is that we all have to confront problems.

Two Major Ingredients of Patience

Many tools and artificial software are available to help us tackle these day-to-day situations.

However, apart from the many available tools, we all have one hidden yet findable tool. To your surprise, this is God-given software and has been installed in everyone by default and since birth.

All we need to do is to activate it.

Any idea what it is?

The name of this software is Patience.

But! wait!

It is not that easy to activate patience within us.

There are two elements we must possess if we want to conceive patience within us.

First Element: Perseverance in Oneself

Second Element: Spiritual Potency

On the cards, whenever we encounter trouble, our Mind is the first sufferer. No matter how big or small the problem is. Our Mind is the first one to act on it.

And in such cases, if we have strong perseverance, it becomes easy to crush any problem.

To have perseverance, one must have an excellent spiritual hold and must be meditatively strong.

If you have these two characteristics, you can assume that you have solved fifty per cent of the problem you have been in.

Mind you, expertise in these two valuable attributes needs effort. A lot of hard work.

To get these two specialities, one has to give up on many things. Much sacrifice is required in terms of comfort and many other frills.

And once we are filled with these two properties, we will undoubtedly get patience as a final product.

And thus, the more patient we become, the more quickly we can tackle the problem. No matter how large or severe it is.

Spices To Be Added


Bring humility into your life.

Note down all the good qualities one could have. When you go deep into those qualities, humility is their root.

So always try to replicate yourself to grass as it does not get affected during heavy strom whereas big trees get uprooted easily.


Always listen to someone you believe in:

It doesn’t seem that important, but we should always listen to someone we follow, respect, believe, or love the most.

It will win their faith in us, and they will be there to guide us.

Moreover, listening to people we care about also brings the feeling that whatever we do is approved by someone we are attached to.



People often mix this with Patience. But both these terms are very much different from each other.

When I say contentment, it means stopping yourself from going to an extent in various worldly comforts like eating, sleeping, and enjoying excessively.

We should consume each of these things within the limit and as much as is required.

More than a requirement, it always acts as a poison.

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Spices Not To Be Added



Let me explain this in detail:

We should concentrate on our ultimate dream. And lust could easily deviate us from our goal.

Lust could be of any kind. It will not allow us to think positively and surely will not help us to get rid of our problems.

Instead, it will push us deep into our dire circumstances.



It is another prospect we have to stop practising.

As I mentioned earlier, there are some traits that we should acquire and others that we should relieve from our daily lives.

Being greedy is one such thing or property we should lay off. Greedy people can never be patient at all.



It wastes our time and also makes us harmful to our thought processes.

Therefore, you should not do it for someone else or listen to it from your near and dear.

By doing so, we not only can get positive thoughts to accumulate in our think tank, but also it will save us a lot of time.


Avoid being lazy.

As laziness stops us from doing anything, we should not get used to being lazy. We can only achieve whatever we want if we are active.

No one has ever achieved anything by being a lazy bum.

Patience: An Iceberg of Your Life

The Power of An Iceberg

As I told you earlier, when we use this recipe of cooking patience within us with this technique mentioned above, by adding a few and avoiding some, we will definitely succeed in making a wonderful dish known as patience.

When we consume this recipe, it will help us fight problems and troubles.

As mentioned above, a person with these powers will surely face all the problems with a smiling face.

You must have often seen icebergs.

You will be surprised to know that what we see floating is only 20 per cent—eighty per cent of that iceberg underneath.

And this is the reason why it floats on the water. Yes, because of the base. The strong base it has.

The same will happen with us when we have a strong base.

To make our base strong, we must possess patience.

After that, every difficulty in front of us will seem very trivial.

Let it be said that our ability to deal with those problems will increase.

We all know many examples of people who attained these qualities in their lives, and later on, they fought against every problem and emerged victorious.

Otherwise, some people have a few problems in life. In fact, their life becomes a problem for them.

And such people spoil their lives in vain.

Now the decision is yours: Do you have to fight the problems coming in your life, or make your life a problem for yourself?


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