How Gratitude and Desires Rule the World?

Whether it is a beggar who does not have even one meal a day or an emperor who has all the power in the world, both are fools if they do not remember the Almighty.

We can give such people the status of idiots. If we do not remember the one who provides bliss and does not surrender to him, then such a person will be called a fool.

Can you tell me the definition of happiness and sorrow?

Happiness And Sorrows
Happiness Keep You Sweet And Sorrows Keep You Human

Maybe you know the answer, but let me share one fact with you: most people are unhappy in their lives, but they do not know the real reason behind these sorrows.

The same is the case with the situation of happiness.

In today’s era, every living being is a storehouse of sorrows, nothing else.

How Gratitude And Desires Are Born

In our lives, no matter how close a relative is, if we don’t remember them or talk about them often, then that relationship is useless.

No matter how distant a relative is, if he is in our memories, then consider that no one is as close as him.

Actually, relationships are about memories and not blood.

If someone has forgotten, consider that your relationship with him is over. If someone is remembered repeatedly, consider that your relationship with him is still connected.

This is why, in today’s era, there is less affection between brothers born in the womb of the same mother and more love between two brothers from different mothers.

Here, I would like to tell you one more thing: we have not lost God; we have only forgotten him.

Because God is omnipresent, the one who is present everywhere cannot get lost anywhere, just like the ocean can’t disappear from the life of a fish.

It is possible that the fish forgets the ocean from its mind or ignores it, but remember that the life of that fish is because of that ocean.

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And wherever the fish goes, it will find the ocean there.

In the same way, wherever we go, whatever the situation, God is present everywhere.

All that is needed is to remember Him, and the one who remembers Him in his mind is extremely fortunate because where there is remembrance of that God, there is happiness and joy.

Whatever happens to the person who remembers God, it is always good and beneficial in the end.

And one more thing: the person who remembers God every moment is blessed.

Or you can say that whatever the result is, such a person accepts it with a smile, considering it to be God’s will.

Where We Stand On Gratitude And Desires

It is said that either desires or prayers reside in our minds all the time.

There is often a demand, a complaint, a grievance in lust, and there is always gratitude in prayer.

But you all know the truth: today’s man is more engrossed in lust and desires than in prayer.

People in today’s society have many complaints, whether they are with themselves, their family, society, or even with God.

It has often been seen that lusts keep on flaring up with time. This is its rule.

And in the end, it makes a person restless and mad.

Do you know another irony?

In today’s era, we even go to religious places with a heart full of lust, whether this eros is in the form of a complaint or a demand.

And if so many ardors reside inside us, do you know what the result is?

Gradually, it gets divided into three streams.

Ego, Greed, and Lust.

And as time passes, these also start expanding inside us.

And as a result, when ego increases too much, it gives birth to anger.

Such a person becomes violent; it seems as if compassion vanishes from inside him.

When the same greed crosses its limits, then the person becomes a thief and a swindler.

When the lust in a person becomes excessive, then it also turns the person into a rapist.

The balance of the whole universe gets disturbed.

That is why it is crucial to remember God at all times.

Even more important is to keep thanking him at all times.

A Short Story

A long time ago, a very poor person used to go to the mosque every day.

Every day, he used to go on the way thinking that, O God, you have given such beautiful camels to some, horses to some for riding.

Some have such beautiful shoes and not even torn slippers to me.

This poor person used to go to the mosque every day thinking this to himself.

Today, when he reached the mosque, thinking about all this, he saw a person without legs trying to climb the mosque’s stairs.

Tears came in his eyes, and he joined his hands.

Crying, he started saying to God, I do not want camels, horses, or slippers; do not take away my legs from me.

I had forgotten that even if you did not give me shoes, there are many people in the world to whom you did not even give feet.

Saying this, he happily climbed the stairs and went inside the mosque.

What Will You Choose: Gratitude or Desire

Friends, thanks make a person humble, while complaints disturb a person’s balance and make him angry and harsh.

Whenever we remember God and meditate on Him, sorrows do not arise in our lives.

The one who comes into the mood of meditation reaches the state of accepting every order of God.

Such a person does not even think of committing sin or wrongdoing. And contributes to the creation of a civilized society.

If you compare a human being to a tree and consider the body, mind, and soul as its branches, then believe me, the three branches of a person who remembers and thanks God all the time bear delicious fruits.


Good fruitfulness of the body means getting good children.

At the level of the mind, you are getting experienced knowledge.

And at the level of the soul, attainment of that Nirankar and getting salvation is the attainment of these fruits.

So it becomes necessary, friends, that we remember God every moment and thank him regardless of the situation.


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