What Wikipedia Can’tTell You About Males and Females

Few Questions For You

The universe started with males and females.

The ultimate power that is the root of the universe is – Truth.

To be absorbed in courage, it is essential to be sensible.

Therefore, how can we be sensible?

It is the very first question in this article for my readers. Please let me know the answer in the comment section at the end of this article.

I have often heard people say that it is impossible to be righteous without being sensible.

And this is the first step to attain happiness.

So, my second question to my readers is, what is that wall between us and the truth?

That wall is of our imaginations.

Assuming what is not there, expressing what is not there, thinking, seeing, speaking about what is not there.

This wall is of rubbish.

And whether you believe me or not, We are their creators. We have given birth to it.

Now, if we have built this wall, we will have to find a solution to bring it down.

So, how do you bring it down?

If your answer is that this wall will fall down by meditating a lot or by fasting by being quiet, then you are wrong.

What’s The Order?

A person can become a good man only by following orders.

Now, you will ask what this order is. And who gives these orders to us?

The simple meaning of order is to follow the principles. God determined the rules and regulations at the time of creation of the world.

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And these principles are such that no one can change them.

For example, God made fire’s nature hot. Even after millions of attempts, fire will remain the same because it has orders to follow.

The limit cannot be changed, even by man.

On the other hand, the principles made by man can be changed over time.

If these principles benefit man today, they may not be so tomorrow. And often, men change their principles according to their convenience.

A child who used to wear clothes at the age of five will not wear them when he is 25 years old because his principles have changed with his age and time.

Man moves ahead, leaving principles behind, which then have to be canceled or changed.

The constitution of our country has been amended a certain number of times; it is unknown how many more times this will happen in the future.

Scenerio of Rules

But the rules of God are not such that they will have to be changed tomorrow.

Because just like God is perfect in himself, his rules are also ideal in themselves.

And let me tell you here that you will have to follow his rules, whether you follow them willingly or unwillingly.

You will have to live within the rules established by him.

Now, what is this order, what is this rule, what is happening in this? Even trying to understand this is futile.

All this is already decided.

A Shape of Males And Females

This principle is written in every pore of every human being.

We have this shape by His will; we did not choose our complexion, teeth, facial features, or anything else by our will.

If anyone among you claims that any of these has come to him by his or her choice, then they are speaking a blatant lie.

We neither had any choice nor was anything considered arbitrary.

Whatever body we have, it is all because of his command.

Even while alive, if we want to achieve something or intend to achieve something, then that too can be achieved only by living according to his principles and following them.

If we think that we will be able to achieve something by going against his principles, then this thinking will also be fruitless.

Friends, you know that not only humans have shapes, but animals and birds too.

Trees, plants, insects, mountains, rivers, the moon, and the sun all have shapes.

In fact, whatever we can see, all of them definitely have some shape or another.

And all these shapes have been determined by his command only.

The Reality Check

The reality is, friends, that neither we were born on our own will nor will our death come on our own will.

And if these two significant events of our lives are not in our hands, then believe me, the life between these two events is also not in our control; it is also based on the principles he established.

And as said earlier, only those who accept these rules with a smile are happy.

Now, if we want to understand his order more deeply, then it is necessary to know that the Almighty has divided the form into two parts.

Male and female.

This male and female are also found in animals, birds, and insects.

You may be surprised to know that this male and female theory exists in plants as well.

Do you know that mangoes never grow on male trees, and papaya never grows on male plants?

Isn’t it surprising?

There is such a division in plants, too.

More Detailed About Males And Females

Well, we come back to humans. As I told you earlier, God created males and females in humans.

On the one hand, God made differences in the color, shape, and physical structure of both, but the nature of these two sexes is also not the same.

In short, God has not made men and women with equality. Confused?

Please don’t make the mistake of thinking that this thought of mine is backward.

The whole world believes that males and females are equal, and I, too, do not deny this.

A Simple Difference in Males And Females

But if God has made a difference in size, then it is natural for there to be a difference in our way of life, too.

In men’s lives, the mind is given importance, whereas in women’s lives, the heart is given preference.

Now, also, don’t think that I am considering one class superior to the other or trying to make others believe so.

Both of them have their own greatness and weaknesses.

On one hand, there are feelings like faith, devotion, and trust in the heart; on the other hand, there are thoughts in the mind.

And, where there are thoughts, there will definitely be running around. There will be no stability.

When the running man finally got tired, he needed rest, which was incomplete without it, and then the heart performed this duty.

More Detailed Theory

Because she lives her life on the support of the heart.

You must have often noticed that if a man is sitting alone at home without any work, then the house will come running to bite him. Because he is a brain, he is a thought, and thoughts never sit ideally in one place.

On the other hand, a woman is happy staying within the four walls of the house. Because her core is her heart.

If the woman starts getting upset about staying at home, society will consider her a copy of the man.

On the other hand, if the man sits idle at home, it is not wrong to call him a copy of the woman.

And both of these are different colors and styles of life, and there is no comparison between them.

How can there be any comparison?

Both their bodies and their nature are different.

God has made them like this.

Now, what is equality?

Now, don’t take it for granted that either of the two sexes is more significant than the other.

But, Yes, we can believe in equality when we talk about rights.

And there should be equality in rights.

Are Males And Females Equal?

But apart from this, what equality will you subscribe to?


We have to understand that nature has not created anything similar.

There is no other earth like ours, there is no other like this moon or sun.

Forget about the same tree; its one leaf does not match the other.

Even if millions of roses are in bloom, one rose will be completely different from the other.

Science says that the fingerprints of one person do not match those of another person.

God never repeat

Well, have you noticed that all the incarnations of Hinduism are male?

The scriptures, Upanishads, and religious books were written by males.

Men gave birth to religion in the world. And Also the music and poetry.

Should women in Islam being denied entry to mosques imply that women are unequal to men?

If women try to equal men, their unique existence will be considered a defeat.

The same thing applies to men. Then how can both be equal?

Let me remind you again: I am talking about something other than equal rights here.

Last But Not The Least of Secret

From the beginning of time, men have been ahead of women in religion, work, and politics.

Orders are given to make the shape.

But here, it does not mean that women are weaker than men.

Or you are thinking that the heart is weaker than the brain from any angle.

Both have their own place and existence.

The heart is the dwelling place of love, and the brain is the residence of thoughts.

And if I ask you whether thoughts have any importance without love, then your answer will probably be no.

Love is also incomplete without thoughts.

What is the importance of blind faith?

The faith that does not have knowledge is blind, and the thoughts in which love is not seen, that knowledge is also considered blind.

Faith is given the status of eyes, while thoughts are likened to feet.

And both are incomplete without each other.

The Answer To Why

We often call the husband-wife and the male-women the better half, and the meaning of the better half is incomplete, isn’t it?

Anyway, as I said earlier, why do we consider men to be dominant in knowledge, science, religion, karma, and politics, friends?

Can you tell?

I will give you the answer.

A man is born, expending the maximum energy of the women.

And the one who has spent all her truth, energy, and mental power in giving birth to a man who will go on to create all these, then you cannot expect much from her, friends.

That is why, perhaps, the iron could not become an incarnation, but she is definitely their mother.

If she had not spent her power in giving birth to a man, then we would not have been able to see the incarnate men.

Friends, we need to respect both of them.



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