The Unconventional Guide to Attaining God

The real purpose of life is to attaining God.

The rest are small milestones on the way, whether it’s family, money, property, status, or anything else.

We need to differentiate between the two.

The wisdom lies in keeping the junctures to a minimum, and our full attention should be focused on our final destination.

However, the problem arises when someone considers these small landmarks as their final terminus.

For many people, a lot of money becomes the goal of life, and for some, their family is everything.

Today’s man is living for power and money or sacrificing his life for his family.

This should be the scenario to some extent, but would you like to spend your entire life on the journey, or would your final achievement be to reach your destination?

I think we should not celebrate and get satisfied with the stopovers on the way.

Even those who claim that they are happy with the stops on the way are speaking a blatant lie.

And the proof of this is the restlessness and worry in human life.

You can get happiness on the way for a short time, but the ultimate happiness is found only at home.

Only when we reach over final destination.

The Ultimate House For Attaining God

And the house I am talking about here is the house of God.

You may definitely get sorrows and worries on the way, but the house I am talking about here gives only ultimate happiness.

Now, only humans know how to reach their destination through this path.

Because animals have only body, not mind.

Their subtle body structure is not as strong as that of human beings, and they do not have the power of perception either.

There is no doubt that the most powerful animal is the elephant, whose size and weight are many times more than those of humans.

However, due to its lack of mind, it cannot walk on this path.

The path to salvation.

That may be why animals and birds are busy searching for food the whole day, and their attention is not able to focus on this.

Humans are not as good as fish can swim in water, birds can fly in the sky, or horses can run at such a speed, but still, humans are considered to be very great in the world of spirituality.

Because they have minds as well as bodies, humans are better than animals and birds.

Or let’s say that man has the right horse and rider to traverse this path of the beginning, cross the stages, and reach the final destination.

But what happens?

The Basic Problem

Man does not use this horse properly.

And he keeps wandering on the path.

He gets engrossed only in the halts on the way.

But to reach the destination, we have to give up the attachment to these halts.

If we continue to sit at a halt and enjoy only that, then it is definitely impossible to reach the destination.

To give up attachment to halts, we must quench all other kinds of thirst within us.

Be it the thirst for material things or for supremacy.

Only when this thirst for materials and dominance ends within us will it be possible for us to walk toward redemption?

But this thirst for material things, for supremacy, is very strong. It is not so easy to get rid of it.

This is why people often reject the need for enlightenment. This is the reason why, today, most of the world’s population does not believe in God.

For them, God does not exist.

And if somewhere your focus is more on materialistic things and dominance, then understand that you are still very far from mastery.

Today’s man is forgetting God in the pursuit of power.

Due to this, sorrow, pain, and worries have increased a lot in the world.

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There is no peace, no comfort.

Today we have a lot of wealth, but we do not have the peace of mind.

And the more money, power, and wealth a man has, the more restless and dissatisfied he is becoming.

Because we are moving away from God.

But you must have seen or heard about some people who have no dearth of material things. Power is also at its peak, but still, they have a thirst for God.

And look at history, those who had nothing, neither money nor fame, but still had a desire to attain God.

This makes one thing clear: for the one who has a desire to meet God, it does not matter whether he has anything or not.

Now, the question arises: how can this thirst to attain God arise in us?

For that, friends, we have to not only listen to our Guru’s teachings by concentrating our minds but also follow them.

And when we do this, the yearning for God, to attain Him, that will arise in us will take us to our destination.

Only then will our wandering end.

Otherwise, man will keep wandering on the roads all his life, and his intention, his desire to attain his destination, will remain the same.


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