The Insider’s Guide to Sadnesses

Life is the name of that test that everyone has to give, whether they are interested in it or not. This test of life brings various kinds of changes to people. It either brings sadness or happiness in one’s life.

Friends, As long as the coconut kernel is raw, it sticks to its shell. As soon as the kernel inside it is cooked, it separates from the cover, and its relationship with the shell is broken.

You Cannot Protect Yourself From Sadness Without Protecting Yourself From Happiness

This is what asceticism does in a person’s life.

These types of people live in the world, but their relationship with the world is broken. Such people live in the family, but they remain uprooted from the family.

In short, such a person remains in a sad mood almost all the time.

People with this type of personality feel that there is nothing left in the world with the help of which they can live the rest of their lives.

As I said earlier, such thinking gives birth to asceticism.

Friends, the next stage of this personality, gives birth to a monk from a normal person.

And friends, do you know when such a situation is revealed?

When a person becomes very sad

Come, let’s try to know why people become sad.

Reasons For Being Sad In Our Life

According to me, there are three to four main reasons for being sad.


Getting the wisdom of something is the first reason people turn to be sad. This is possible when a person receives knowledge of something that strikes his mind hard.

In such a situation, a person can become lamentable.


Sometimes, the main reason for being sad can also be being too thoughtful.

Such a person starts feeling the world and the rest of the people in the world are worthless.

Their thinking becomes so strong that the world starts seeming valueless to them.

You must have noticed that great philosophers always remain sad; in fact, no one remains as miserable as they are.

You will find no one as restless as they are.

The more they keep thinking, the more useless this world seems to them.


A deep emotional hurt also leads a person to sadness.

Such people then find it better to break ties with the world.

They neither trust anyone else nor do they let anyone come close to their personal life.


Some people wanted to achieve something in their lives but could not do it.

They could only get what they wanted a little. In such a situation, they become sad.

Let me tell you one more interesting thing here, friends, the more depressed a person is, the less in tune he is with the world.

The more someone thinks, the faster he moves towards more sadness.

Perhaps this is the reason that animals are not sad, because they do not think.

You would have never seen children sad because children do not have that much thinking and understanding.

You would have never seen a mad person sad, and the reason for this is that such a person does not have any understanding.

Solution A Person Tries To Find Out


A person with a sad heart does not spend his entire life in sadness.

They never live such a life forever.

Such a person will either try to erase their sadness or try to change such a sad life, or such a person will try to forget such a life.

And let me tell you here: the easiest way to erase it is to commit suicide.

The best and easiest way to forget is to get addicted to drugs.

And the most effective way to change is to get inspired by God.

A person with a sad heart definitely chooses one of these three paths.

If the person is sad but has not yet chosen any of these three paths, then understand that such a person is still very weak mentally.

You can also believe that such a person has not yet understood the definition of life.

Life is not just about inhaling and exhaling.

We cannot consider this as life. Even plants and animals do this.

Friends, this century in which we are living is very wise. In this era, science has progressed a lot.

But it would not be wrong to say that as the intelligence of man has increased, sadness has also increased its scope at the same pace.

It has often been seen that as sadness has increased in today’s era, the number of such people who want to forget this sadness has also increased a lot.

In such a situation, they take the help of intoxication.

Perhaps this is the reason why the sale of alcohol has increased more than expected.

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Today, alcohol is selling more than water because today’s man wants to forget his sorrows and troubles; he does not want to spend his life in sadness.

Because if you remain conscious, you will remember the sorrows and troubles.

Sometimes, people try to erase their sorrows instead of forgetting them.

This is one of the reasons that the number of suicide cases has increased a lot in the world.

In today’s era, committing suicide has become common.

You will be even more surprised to know that the number of suicide cases in the so-called rich and prosperous countries of the world is much more than in the poor and less developed countries.

Because a poor person never gets disappointed.

Because it is the hope of tomorrow that does not let a poor person get disappointed. And he does not get sad.

But the one who does not have tomorrow in his life, who does not have satisfaction, he is sure to be sad.

Friends, did you notice one thing?

A Final Thought

Today, there are many means of entertainment compared to earlier.

Still, today’s man is more sad than he was earlier.

Our ancestors, too, were always happy and always smiling.

In olden times, there were fewer diseases; perhaps that is why man was not so sad then.

And in my society, there is only one reason for this.

Today’s society thinks a lot. Perhaps this is the biggest reason for sadness.

What do you think? Is it right or wrong to be so thoughtful?

If you ask me, I would say that thinking is very important for a man.

If a person does not think and does not contemplate, then it simply means that he has an animalistic nature.

He is living only on the physical rhythm and not at all on the mental rhythm.

This is the reason that in today’s time, if you do not see anyone sad, then you should understand that either his mental development has stopped or he has not yet suffered any worldly trauma.

I have another question for you here.

Which of these options will you choose when you are depressed.

Will you try to change your life or forget it, or will you try to erase this life?


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