The Importance of Boundaries

It is believed that a person who lives within limits is always satisfied and successful. Setting boundaries for yourself leads you to progress in the future.


Have you ever noticed?

A fish can swim anywhere in the ocean, without any set boundaries, from one corner to another.

But is it possible for the fish to jump out of the sea and survive?

Well, Certainly impossible.

To imagine such a thing for a fish is like inviting death.

Or we can even say that God has not made such a law for the fish.


God has created our birth, death, and life like a fish according to his rules.

Just like there are some rules for that fish, we, too, have a certain set of boundaries to follow. 

And even if we want, we cannot violate those rules. 

Friends, there is one more thing worth remembering here.

Everything is happening automatically. You or I are not doing anything.

What we have to think has already been determined.

So does it mean that our thinking power, too, is not in our control? 

If it is not in our hands to select the specific womb to take birth, the selection of date and time, and the type of death is not human-specific, then we believe it or not; even living the kind of life we expect is not in our control. 

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But this does not mean that we should stop trying and working hard for our dreams and goals. 

All I mean to say is that whatever is happening is already predetermined.

A Story To Share on Boundaries

A man was travelling on a train. He was carrying a heavy item on his head.

The co-passengers sitting around are watching and laughing at this guy. 

After a long time, an elder sitting nearby said. Son, why don’t you keep this stuff under the seat? There is so much space left. 

It’s been more than an hour the way you are sitting with these heavy loads on your head. 

This man replied, No, it is okay. I am fine. 

The load on the train would increase further if I took the load off my head and placed it under the seat. Already, this train is carrying a lot of weight, including all the passengers and their luggage.

The same is the case with all of us.

We feel that we are doing our own thing. Our thinking power is our own.

Our wisdom completes daily chores. We consider ourselves responsible for the stuff in motion around us. 

But none is there to guide us that we are thinking the same as that of the passenger travelling with a heavy weight on his head. 

The train is built to carry the load of hundreds of passengers and the luggage they were carrying. 

The God who created us is also taking care of us.

He is the one who takes care of our every good and bad. 

We often say that it would not have happened if I had not been there.

 I often feel like asking them to die and experience whether the world is still moving on or not. 

What You Need

We are not the reason for the processes happening around us, but yes, we are the cause of those incidents.

Potter could be a pot maker, but certainly, he is not a source behind it.

The actual source of that pot is the soil he used. Without the soil, a potter could never make a pot.

A goldsmith could manufacture gold ornaments, but he is never a source of gold. Without the gold, he can never make anything.

Only the maker and the material are not required to finish the final product.

We also require the necessary tools for the completion of the product.

Therefore, to complete any product, we have to satisfy three conditions.

First and foremost, the maker, the second is raw material, and the third is tools.

No matter how virtuous a thing may be, it cannot wholly show it all alone.

For example, you might be outstanding in dance, but you cannot prove your capabilities to the world without music.

Sandalwood always needs air to spread the fragrance; otherwise, it is just like another tree.

That is why no matter how great someone is, everyone needs the help of others to show their qualities to the world.

Therefore, we can say that everything on this planet needs someone to show its worth.

Then, it doesn’t matter if it is a living or non-living thing.

But Do God even need anyone?

I hope to read your Comments with answers


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