Wikipedia of Human Evolution

Human Evolution And Its Process So Far

The story of human evolution is as old as this globe. As an old saying goes, Rome was not built in a day Likewise, the elaboration of human beings and their lifestyle did not happen in a day. Humans gradually…

The Power Tool of Our Lives : Patience

Patience: Key To Success

It is undeniable that we have ups and downs in our lives. Some antonyms like profit-loss, meet-separation, and win-loss run parallel in everyone’s life. It is our nature to feel pleased whenever we succeed or get some profit out of…

Mind: The Game Changer

Mind: The Game Changer

Has anyone ever complained about a normal breathing process and a regular pulse or heartbeat? We have had so many different processes inside our bodies that have become automated since we appeared on this planet Earth. The fact that our…

The Importance of Boundaries

The Importance of Boundaries

It is believed that a person who lives within limits is always satisfied and successful. Setting boundaries for yourself leads you to progress in the future. Friends, Have you ever noticed? A fish can swim anywhere in the ocean, without…

The Need of Cleansing Within!

Why Cleaning of Mind Is Important

Have you ever noticed that utensils are always appropriately cleaned from the inside rather than the outside? Can you guess why? We put whatever we want to put inside the pot and not on the outside of the pot. For…

What is Your Value?

Life Value And Human Worthyness

How do you value yourself? How worthy are you? Did you ask someone about your worthiness? Or, do you even know the parameters on which the people of our Society calculate your worthiness? Actually, we do not decide our prices.…