Mind: The Game Changer

Has anyone ever complained about a normal breathing process and a regular pulse or heartbeat?

We have had so many different processes inside our bodies that have become automated since we appeared on this planet Earth.

The fact that our photo has been not yet framed and decorated on walls of our house is the most significant proof that our body processes are functioning correctly, with ease, and appropriately.

They are all doing their job nicely.


Then why the unsettled mind is a matter of concern?

Whenever we talk about or read any religious book, every book talks about people being either atheists or theists.

The primary foundation of every religion rests on this theory.

And to your surprise, do you know what differentiates between being a believer and a non-believer of God?

Any Idea?

Our Mind.

A Real Hero

Our mind is that object that either makes us believe in something or makes us not believe.

Due to our mind only, we people either do something or don’t do it.

And for me, to control our mind is very difficult. In fact, I think it is impossible.

Our mind is the centre of our entire life. A person’s personality is based on the mind he possesses.

It is impossible to control the mind, but it is equally easy to give it direction.

A person who succeeds in showing the right direction gets success, happiness, and satisfaction and the one who cannot show the right direction gets nothing in life except sadness, disappointment, and failure.

Friends, there was a time when there was not much difference between animals and humans. Animals used to eat raw meat, and so did humans. Both used to live naked in the forests.

Both of them had only two things to do: eat and sleep.

Today, the animals are the same, but humans have come a long way.

Do you know the reason for this?

Yes, you got it right!

We have thinking, we have mind.

Whatever happiness and facilities we have today are all because of the mind.

They say that one idea is enough to change the entire life.

Then where does this thought arise?

Yes, in our minds!

Mind: A Final Words

Friends, believe me, there is no more excellent magician than the mind.

If it is right, it can change the course of life, and if it goes in the wrong direction, it can ruin your entire life.

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Friends, our best friend, and worst enemy is the mind.

From our birth to death, the whole game is based on the mind.

Here I would like to tell you one more thing which can prove very fatal for us.

Whenever any thought arises in our mind, it brings with it hundreds of other thoughts, whether the first thought is good or bad.

What is meant to say is that if the first thought is good, then the hundreds of other thoughts that come will also be good, and if by mistake that first thought is wrong, then the different thoughts that will arise in the mind will also have bad intentions.

That is why our ancestors used to say that we always think good after waking up in the morning and before sleeping at night.

We must have heard many people say that nothing happens by thinking in our lives, but let me warn you that the whole game on this Earth begins with thinking.

Because whatever happens in the world happens twice, once in our mind and the second time in reality. Be it an invention or any daily work done by us.

So we must pay attention to what we are thinking because the seed of thoughts that we sow will give us the same crop in the future.

And yes, our thoughts have a more significant impact on our lives than our actions.

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