Worries – A Hormonal Characteristics

No matter how much progress humans have made, we can still not eliminate worries completely.

They are part of every human being, from their breakfast to dinner.

Every living being experiences anxiety and tension. Trouble is on the face of every single person whom we meet on regular basis.

You Can Destroy Your Now By Worrying About Tommorow.

Do you know what this tension or anxiety is all about?

A Real Reason of Worries.

Well, let me tell you. It has only two simple reasons.

Either the concern is about fulfilling some wishes, or the worry is all about not getting your desires in your favor.

Confused? Ok! Let me explain.

Humans either get worried about achieving something or get anxious when they can’t achieve it.  

Yes, that’s true.

If we examine this topic closely, we will notice that the real reasons for our concern are one of the two mentioned above.

It should happen like this – it’s a concern.

Nothing like this should happen – this, too, is a problem.


Anxiety is a burden.

It is anxiety that hampers our thinking power and stops our growth.

It is this worry, friends, that keeps us away from contemplating.

Also, due to this anxiety, a person becomes a victim of mental diseases, which later give rise to many physical maladies.

The root cause of all this is – anxiety.

But do you know what the foolish thing is?

Everyone knows that worry is like a deathbed, yet everyone is worried. And to no surprise, everyone is on this deathbed.

Whether he is rich or poor, lives in the city or the village, is educated or illiterate, whether in this country or any other country or is handsome or not, worry is rooted in everyone living on this planet.

Be it a child or an old person, people of every age live in worry today.

Even if something is happening, we are worried, and even if, according to us, nothing is happening, we are still sufferers of worry.

A Quick Question

Do you also feel that worry prevents us from uniting with God? Does it hinder our meditation process?

If yes, then tell me how.

As I said earlier, It is the worry that takes us away from contemplation.

Friends, worry is so intense that no matter how much we try to run away from it or ignore it, it is always visible to the other person through our faces, words, actions, and looks.

So now the question is, should we really worry?

Can worrying fix anything?

Whatever your answer may be, my answer is simple.

Yes, we can worry, but only if something untoward happens regarding that thing.

We should definitely worry, but only when something happens to us that has never happened to anyone else earlier.

For example, if a young person is worried that he might grow old, then friends, such worry is useless.

He is still alive, and he will become young. Old age will knock on your door tomorrow if you are young today. Why worry about this?

Where there is birth, there is death. And if someone is worried about this, he is tremendously ignorant and a fool.

But yes, if old age comes directly after childhood, it is worth worrying about.

Man can never make the impossible things on this planet possible with brilliance and strength.

Why should we worry if a child cannot prevent his youth from coming and an old man cannot be made young again?

Friends, it is the worry that gives birth to sorrows.

Do you agree with me on this?

It is confirmed that whoever is worried will feel sad, and fear will also haunt him.

It can also be said that whoever is sad will have some worry.

Friends, here now, we need to understand four things.

The Concept of Worries

First: Sorrow

Second: The reason for sorrow

Third: The solution to this sorrow or worry

And fourth: The experience of happiness

Friends, whoever wants to reach this fourth stage or achieve it must cross these three stages first.

Once we pass these three initial phases and reach the fourth one, we will have no more worries, and no worries will bother us after that.

At the very first stage, we must understand the sorrow? What is it, actually?

Can we define it?

Everyone has sorrow, whether he is in a palace or sleeping on the footpath. As said earlier, Grief is a part of everyone’s life.

Some experience sorrow at separation from someone, and others despair at not getting something of their choice or interest.

No person in this world is spare who is not saddened.

We may start looking for why when we are convinced that everyone is unhappy.

Everyone is sad, and there is some reason to be unhappy. No person in the world is sad without any reason.

It is not possible for us to be sad for no reason.

If you dig deeper and try to find the reason for your sadness, you will find that the main reason is ignorance.

And it is this ignorance that becomes the main reason for our worries.

The main reason for our sadness is also our ignorance.

Believe me, if we were not ignorant or had knowledge, we would neither be worried nor sad.

Now you will ask, knowledge? Knowledge of what?

This question itself is the answer to your next phase.

Worry-Free Solution To Worries

Let’s talk about your next step: Solution.

The most accurate way to solve worries and sorrows is to gather knowledge first.

The solution is to change the ignorance of any sorrow or problem into knowledge.

We will become worry-free when we become aware of that worry.

To this day, man has lived with the hope that if there is sorrow today, it will not be there tomorrow, but friends, let me tell you that this notion is totally incorrect.

Sorrow was present yesterday, is present today, and will be present tomorrow, too.

We just need to change our perspective on it.

Friends, it has become our mentality that we either run towards the future to get rid of sorrow or remember the past to forget about it.

But the day we learn to handle our present, we will be able to get rid of our sorrows, troubles, and worries.

Following this simple technique, even if we have sorrows that day, they will become happiness.

We must let go of our expectations for the future, stop digging into the past, and try to make the present better by gathering knowledge.

We need to live in the present and make it better.

Because it is only the present that we can use, whether we use it wisely or misuse it.

We must understand that we cannot utilize the past or spend the time of the future accordingly.

Then why are we thinking about our past or the future?

But still, our ignorance about this attitude troubles us all the time. The day we gain knowledge and awareness about this, we will undoubtedly become free from worry.

If you want to think, think about today; think about the current time available for use.

If we succeed, we will be happy, and worry-free.


Friends, our point at the start of this topic was to be worry-free, and the simplest solution to being worry-free is to think about the now, about the breath that is coming, because it is the breath that belongs to us.

Otherwise, the future is yet to come; time would be borrowed, and it would be like a loan that is not yet sanctioned.

We will never be assured of our time even if God grants us this loan.

And believe me, only today, the present, can either make or destroy us. It can make us either thieves or saints.

If you want to be worry-free, think about today and the now.

So, to sum it up:

The day we get to know genuine sorrow.

The reason behind that sorrow

To find an appropriate solution to that sorrow.

From that day on, we will turn every sorrow into happiness. There will be sorrow, but it will give the feeling of joy.

Only then can we move towards achieving salvation. A Final Destination.


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