What is Your Value?

Value Always Makes Human Worthy

How do you value yourself?

How worthy are you?

Did you ask someone about your worthiness?

Or, do you even know the parameters on which the people of our Society calculate your worthiness?

Actually, we do not decide our prices.

And this is a Fact!

How worthy we are is determined by people around us.

How? Well, let me explain.

Let me tell you, Society uses their thinking, attitude, and mentality to determine our worth.

And whoever has the thinking will be able to decide our price accordingly.

How To Determine Our Value

Once, someone came to meet Gautam Budh!

He requested Buddha to help him determine his worth, his value!

Budhh laughed and asked him to do him a favour.

Take this stone and ask for its price from the market!

The man took this piece of stone to the market, approached a vegetable seller and asked the price of this stone!

The vegetable seller looked at this carefully and said, what would be the price of a stone? But it is beautiful to look at, so I can give you one KG of vegetables in return.

This man moved ahead with this stone!

While walking, he reached a clothes merchant, asked him the same question and got a similar answer.

What price should I put on this stone? But yes, it will look beautiful on the table in my shop, so if you give it, I can give you the clothes of your choice in return!

Likewise, he went to many vendors and shops and, at last, went to a jeweller.

He showed him this piece of a stone, and the request from his side was the same as earlier.

This jeweller looked at it very calmly and with patience and said

It is priceless!

What price should I set for it? It is invaluable!

It’s impossible to put a price tag on it!

But, since you made me see it, I can give you anything in return for this favour, whatever you ask for.

This man was very surprised to hear this and came back with the piece.

After meeting Buddha, he narrated that whatever happened at the market, the stone was the same, but few valued it nothing at all, and some called it precious.

Why is it so?

Buddha laughs and says!

Just like this, your value also sometimes decreases and sometimes increases!

It only grows when your company is with high-thinking people, with those who are moving forward, with those who always think positively.

At the same time, when you associate with low-minded people and spend time with those who are always sad and think negatively, then your value diminishes.

So? Can You Decide Your’s?

Friends, the point of saying is as we communicate, our mentality will also be the same!

And believe me, our company definitely impacts our lives.

And the kind of life we are leading is used as the yardstick by the people of the world while valuing us.


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