The Need of Cleansing Within!

Have you ever noticed that utensils are always appropriately cleaned from the inside rather than the outside?

Can you guess why?

We put whatever we want to put inside the pot and not on the outside of the pot.

For example, if we have to pour milk into a vessel, the utensils must be clean inside; otherwise, milk might curdle.

Isn’t it?

Shouldn’t the same rule apply to our lives as well?

The cleaning of external body parts is also very important. However, we should maintain proper hygiene habits. 

Only a good-natured person doesn’t need to keep himself clean and neat.

Even dacoits, thieves, and terrorists also correctly clean their bodies. 

The issue is about more than external cleanliness.

The unrighteous are clean from the outside, but he never tried to clean his mind.

Remember, a clean mind is directly proportional to good intentions.

And if our intention is clear, it indicates that inside our vessel-like mind is also clean.

Friends, to attain Sprituaily we most worship. But worship is also accepted if it is done with a pure heart.

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There are three diferent forms of water.

Water – In Liquid State

Gaseous – In Vapour Form

Solid – In Ice Form

You all might know that water that becomes ice cannot become water again as long as it does not melt.

Put ice into the water, and it will float on it. 

Ice is water – a form of water. Yet, it only dissolves in water if it gets melted completely.

Similarly, humans are part of God, but we will not attain this part unless we dissolve ourselves into God.

If seen, there is water outside the fish and also water inside.

And if the fish still boasts of its lips, it will be considered foolish.

In the same way, it would not be wrong to say that God resides within and outside us.

Just like the ice, the heart that hardens from inside will not be able to merge with God until it comes to the same state in which it was born.

And believe me, the more it becomes strict from the inside, the more we will become distant from God.

And the result? Sadness, troubles, restlessness, and a disturbed mind will surround us from within.

That’s why the melting of ice here becomes very necessary. Meaning our minds must be satiny.

Perhaps there is no need to explain the process of melting ice.

Yes, you guessed it right. by heating it or giving it a temperature more than it can absorb. 

Once it has melted into water, no one can identify the ice-made water and the water into which it melted. 

 In the same way, while living life in the world, the ice of our mind can melt only by following the principles made by God and by nature.

Clean Conclusion

It is the only possible way by which we can attain God and his blessings. 

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And Yes, One more critical piece of information.

Hard objects often cause pain.

It is sure to be painful if you hit a stone.

That’s why you should always try not to harden your mind. Otherwise, you will end up in pain.

That is why it becomes imperative to wash from the inside.


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