How Far Is God Actually?

A General View

Some have been saying that God is far away from us.

Some people believe that God is very close to us.

And some even believe that he is present within us.

So, in short.

There are three types of people in the world.

And here out of those three we are talking about those who believe in God.

I mean those who are Theists.

Types of Distances Between You And God

“God Is The Shortest Distance From Zero To Infinity” – Alfred Jerry


If we elaborate above-said statement:

The distances are actually of two types.

A ground distance

The distance that we can measure. It could be in any mathematical unit. It may be in KMS, METERS, KNOTS etc.

And the other type of distance we are discussing here:

It is the distance of the heart.

Believe it or not, this type of distance is impossible to measure. There is no formula to calculate the distance between two hearts.


We cannot measure it scientifically, but even if we try it according to a religious perspective, here is what Islam says:

God resides in the seventh heaven.

And it seems impossible for science to reach there today’s date.

I mean to say everyone has a different opinion about where God lives.

Until now, you might have understood one thing: according to most people, God is not where we are, where we are standing, sitting!

Even if I talk about the summary, I can say that the distance is of two types: ground and internal.

God’s Navigation

Once a priest who is in search of God was on his way.

He sees a small boy crying beside the ocean with a small bowl in his hands.

This boy was crying so loudly that this priest came near and asked him.

Why are you crying so loudly?

What happened.?

Child says:

I have been trying to transfer this ocean into my bowl for a long time but could not.

It is not getting transferred to my bowl.

Hearing this, the priest also started crying.

Kid was surprised and asked why are you crying now?

He replied,

I realised today

That as this vast ocean cannot transferred to your little bowl,

How could I understand the God and get to know him with my small intellectuality?

God who has created this vast ocean, How big would God be.

Hearing this.

The child thrown the bowl into ocean.

Priest asked.

What did you have done?

Kid replied;

Let the ocean get my bowl if the ocean cannot come into my bowl.

Priest was impressed

If I cannot find the God, let God be the one who finds me!

The Right Approach

“A Sunrise Is God’s Way of Saying; Let’s Start Again” – Todd Stocker


I hope you believe that.

God has made everything.

And if we say that the whole of the sun should come into our room, it could not be possible.


But yes,

The light of sun,

The ray of that sun,

The entity

Could come to your room.

That’s why we can only assume that there are two types of distances.

Some are looking for God in the temple, some in the mosque.

Someone is searching for that power in idols.

And do you know what the funniest thing is?

A person of one religion does not see God in the place of worship of a person of another religion.

Anyway! let’s start from where we have started?

I mean with our tittle.

So Let me ask you a question.

Can you tell me to whom God seems far from himself?

And to whom does it appear to be near.

Before answering this, I want to know what is the definition of it.

When I asked this question to people, I got the answer that God is another name for our happiness, joy and gaiety.

Accordingly one who has happiness is nearer to God.

But let me tell you here happiness means inner happiness, not outer happiness.

A Conclusive Story of God

A teacher used to tell the same thing to the children every day before coming to class.

Children, God is omnipresent, He is present everywhere.

It was his daily work. Before teaching, he used to repeat this to the children everyday.

The last day of class came, he came to class and today a strange incident happened.

As soon as he came, he started asking the children,

Tell me children, where is God not present?

The children were also very surprised to hear this. What happened to the teacher today? What kind of question did you ask?

Meanwhile, a child raised his hand and started saying. Sir, I know the answer to this question. Shall I answer?

Now this teacher’s head is confused.

Firstly, I asked the question wrong. On top of that this child is also ready to answer.

Well, the master started saying, ok tell me the answer to this,

Bacha started saying, Sir, God is present everywhere; he is everywhere; if He is not somewhere then He is not in our thoughts, not in our thoughts.

The teacher got emotional after hearing this answer and was also very happy.

Yes friends, that he is present everywhere except our mind.

So friends,

God is Only at a distant if we are not considering him.

He is not present in our minds, thoughts, dreams.

Else As it says. God is




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