What Should We Choose From The Choices We Have

Life is all about choosing. And the choices we make is always a risk and matter of concern until and unless it starts providing the results.

No matter if these results are favorable or not to us.

So, If given a chance, what would you like to choose out of these options?

Life or Death

Profit or loss.

Meeting someone or getting seperated from somebody you love.

What would you go for?

Finding something precious or losing something priceless.

Respect, Happiness, and Joy or Insult, Sadness, and Disappointment.

I am very confident that most of us won’t choose the second part of every option. Everybody will undoubtedly go for the first one provided.

Am I Right?

The reason for this is that no one wants to accept both these aspects of life hand in hand.

Do you know anyone who welcomes both these colours of life into their lives with a smiling face?

Or, how many of us put these ups and downs of life on an identical scale?

But here, can I tell you an inside story?

Importance of Making Choices

A human being will never get disappointed in life if he understands the importance of both these aspects.

We need to consider every moment as a gift from God. We should never look to choose a situation; instead, we should learn to stay focused and dedicated in every case.

Why is it impossible to consider every moment a blessing for us?

And to consider every moment a blessing, we must trust God.

We need to be thesis if we want to learn how to celebrate every moment on Earth.

But the sad part is that the willful one wants only one thing and nothing else.

We all want to be winners in every field of life, and we do not want to even think about losing to someone. We never walk with a quote stating, “It’s either a win or a lesson when we give our 100% to something.

 To justify this statement, we should always trust God, keep working hard and let the results depend on him. He will surely not do any kind of injustice with our hard work.

And this slight difference in our mentality will be a big difference in life!

Everybody wants to be in heaven, but no one wants to die. We all want to attain high in our lives, but when it comes to working hard and accepting things as they are, we usually fail.

Isn’t this matter to laugh?

I have learned this way before, and I urge you guys to understand that whatever is happening on this planet is for a reason and is for good as well.

And you will also agree with me that in this world, nothing untoward happens to any person.

What is there to worry about?

Nothing uncommon, nothing strange, is going to occur in our lives. Whatever happened in the past, whatever is happening in the present, and whatever will happen in the future is a repetition process.

Someone or another has already gone through that phase, so we should not worry about it.

I would like to add one more thing here.

Whatever happens in our lives, there is some reason behind it.

Whether you like it or not. It might be on your beneficiary side, or it might not be. And I can understand that it is human nature to worry about gloomy things. It is reasonable, and it is also human nature that he fears.

But still, I would say that we have to understand this law of nature and also agree that whatever is happening is to our benefit.

It is not in man’s hands to create something new, to do something as per his wish.

But yes, we can mould what is already made into different forms!

For example, we cannot make new iron; we can just shape the iron that nature has given us and use it as we wish.

A Simple Technique To Make Your Choices

Friends, those who wish to enjoy the sunlight during the winter must also learn to bear the darkness of the night.

To experience happiness, we must learn to endure sorrow first.

If there is no night, what is the day’s importance?

If there is one who will be abducted, then what will be left for the one who believes in victory?

In the true sense, it is defeat that reveals victory!

If there was no evil in the world, then whom would you think of doing good to?

That’s why I say, if we don’t experience sorrow, will we ever be able to imagine happiness?

But our tendency is that we allow few things and do not allow others.

And this is the biggest reason for our sadness!

The reality is that we remember and thank God only when we get something meaningful for us! Whenever something good happens to us.

Whereas what should have happened is that we should never forget him. We should have been attentive to him every moment.

And once we start living with this kind of perspective, our life will become very simple and easy!

Our life will become wonderful!

Like I said earlier, whatever happens happens for the good!

All we need is to understand and change our perspective!

A Story of a Choice

Once upon a time, someone knocked loudly at the door of the famous scientist Thomas Edison’s house in the morning.

He was shouting very loudly!

There has been a terrible fire in your laboratory!

Edison reached that place with his son!

He witnessed an extreme fire; people were trying to extinguish that fire! They were pouring buckets full of water on that fire so that it might be extinguished.

Seeing this, Edison says to his son calmly, ” Look, son, what a massive pile of ashes has formed, how high the flames are rising!

People were able to see this mischievous smile on her face!

They were surprised that his years of hard work had been reduced to ashes, yet he was enjoying this raging fire!

One of them gathered courage and asked,

Your years of hard work have turned to ashes, and aren’t you feeling even a little sad?

The answer Edison gave made everyone shocked!

He smiled and said,

Not at all

I am delighted!

I am happy that all my mistakes and failures have been washed away!

There is no trace of them left anymore!

When he started returning home, he looked at the sky, folded his hands and said!

Okay, God! I will be late coming to my workplace today!

And I will start my project afresh!

Everything is a history after that. The discovery of the Light bulb has enlightened the world.

Friends, this is passion! This is Faith, This is Belief.

Should we also have a similar attitude?

There is no happiness like living in His pleasure anywhere else!

Choices Sets Our Attitude

How can we even think that something terrible will happen to us or anyone in this world when we are the lovely creation of God?

How can God even think of something painful for us?

The matter stops only when it comes to our point of view! Come to our thinking!

We must change our thinking and perspective towards his plans for us!

In the day, our thinking also becomes that whatever is happening is happening for good; whatever will happen will be for good. On that day, perhaps no feeling like sadness will ever exist in our lives!



  1. You can certainly see your skills in the work you write. The world hopes for more passionate writers like you who are not afraid to say how they believe. Always follow your heart.

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