What Is Your Human Type?

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A Bit About God.

Congratulations! We as a Human species have crossed the 8 Billion mark by now.

No wonder it is rapidly growing.

Although we are so much in numbers, do you know that no two people have matching fingerprints?


It is surprising indeed!

Is it possible if we do not go for scientific reasons and try to figure out the spiritual answer to this question?

Because scientifically, it could be genetic, hormonal or some other shitty thesis of human sperm.

What about a spiritual point of view? And in fact, we are going to focus on this for now.

So coming back to the topic, every person has a distinctive set of fingerprints that does not match anyone else.

Now what does it mean?

For me, it simply means that our creator is exceptional in inventiveness.

What we Say – ” God is Great?”

But unfortunately, somewhere, it’s just limited to biological disparities only.

After birth, when we start developing, we adjust to the environment around us. We notice the qualities and demerits of the people around us and try to be like them.

These qualities prove to be beneficial many times in the future, and sometimes they also become the reason for our destruction.


No? Ok, Let’s take an example.

Have you ever heard of the word-character?

We acquire character from others as we develop ourselves day by day, month by month, and year by year.

And you will be shocked to know that we are not so unique in developing this factor.

If we talk about personality, every fifth human being on this planet resembles each other, unlike God’s creation of unmatched fingerprints distribution to 8 Billion people.

And here I am speaking about characteristics we develop. The behavioural pattern which every single human being carries.

Yes, that’s true!

According to my survey, do you know there are five types in which we can categorize people based on personality?

We will discuss them, and I hope that most of my readers will give me a thumbs up by the end of this article.

Shall we Begin?

Let’s start with type


Before presenting them, let me tell you that these are the majority on earth.

People of such a variety always judge others by their weaknesses. They do not look for the optimistic side of that person at all. Maybe God has given them such spectacles that they see only and only the demerits of others.

They always and only search for flaws, shortcomings, and weaknesses whenever they see someone.


People of such a class can see both good and bad in other people. They can understand what is good and bad in the person sitting next to them.

But they have a problem.

Although they know that person they are talking with is full of good qualities, they ignore those specialities.

They never consider those good points others have.

Their focus is always on searching for the negative points.


People with such an attitude sees both the aspect of other people. Good as well as Bad. Evil as well as Virtuous side.

But it barely matters to them. Such people are neutral with both of these traits of other human beings. They do not bother to give any remarks, suggestions, or feedback.

These people are smart enough to distinguish between good and bad qualities. They are well aware of the merits and demerits of other people, but they don’t give any importance to this kind of act.


As in category three, people of such a nature can easily judge a person. They can identify the good and bad other person possesses.

But the best thing they have is that they ignore the bad someone is carrying. Such people only focus on the good aspects of other souls. They tend to learn good parts from others.

Such people even appreciate the pleasing qualities other people have in them.

Perhaps such people see the shortcomings of others, but they ignore them.

They only concentrate on what good others have in character and lifestyle.


Well, this last one is the rarest on this planet. Finding people with such characteristics is a very tough task.

Such a person can see both good and bad qualities in others. They are well aware of noticing the advantageous and disadvantageous parts of others.

When dealing with someone, they can easily see what good and evil, merits and demerits they have.

They are rarest because they only concentrate on the good qualities of others. Such people do not consider the evils of others at all.

They follow the theory that everyone is a part of God, and God cannot have anything harmful.

For such people, everything is positive. They only see optimism everywhere they look.

Which Category Do You Belong?

So now it’s your turn to decide what type of person you are.

The one who is abundantly found or the rarest of rare. Or the one who resides in the middle.

No one is going to care who you are. If anyone has to bear the consequences, then it is only you.

So make sure, every day, to try to be amongst the rare.

That is one of the many ways to worship the supreme.

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